Mohammad Afzal

Software Engineer in Nagarro

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About Me

Currently working in Nagarro as Senior Associate. I have more than 4 years of experience in Web Application Development.

I am a full stack developer with expertise in Java. Worked on frontend and backend development, Payment gateway (Stripe) and Linux system administration etc. I have worked with Enbraun that is a product based company for 4 years and was involved in coding, recruitment of developers, and setup IT infrastructure.

I am also active in and have more than 7000 reputation points there. Apart from these technical stuff I am a hobbyist guitarist.

Professional Career


Senior Associate in Nagarro. Here I have worked on SOA and Microservice applications with Spring Boot, Spring MVC, Angular, Docker, RabbitMQ. I am involved in having meeting with client, understanding their requirement, making documents for their requirement, writing code, and deploying changes to production server.

2017 - 2019

Senior Software Developer at Enbraun. My core tasks during this period were To code on one of complex logical feature, Writing technical specification on assigned feature, To provide architectural and technical views for application's enhancement, To Train and Review code of my development team, to provide technical assitance in troubleshooting server error i.e. production server and development servers.

2015 - 2017

Worked on a web-application eResource Scheduler as Software Developer. It is a specialised collaborative (multi-user) and configurable web application that lets organisations schedule, plan and manage employees, equipment and other resources on projects.

I worked on backend (JavaEE, Spring), frontend (AngularJS, bootstrap), nosql (aerospike), unit-testing (JUnit) and database (postgresql) for this project. Later I also worked on System Administration of production and test servers, Administration of development server. During that period I have worked on Stripe API, OAuth 2.0, AWS (EC2, RDS and S3), Jenkin server, gitlab server, mail servers.

2014 - 2015

Worked on a Freelance Project, CQuiz, a Desktop application. Developed this software for Graphic Era University to organize a quiz competation. That application is developed in Java Swing and To control gcc for compilation of C++ code through Java, Java Native API is used.

I have worked on other projects also during this period. I developed theme website for my college (Doon Institute of Engineering and Technology). For that I used PHP, bootstrap and jQuery.

Educational Details

Duration Degree / Board College / School Aggregates
2011 - 2015 Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science Uttarakhand Technical University 66%
2010 - 2011 Intermediate from CISCE Modern School Rishikesh 88%
In 2010 High School from CISCE Modern School Rishikesh 70%


  • Java8
  • JavaEE
  • Spring (Boot, MVC)
  • Docker
  • RabbitMQ
  • ReactJS, AngularJS
  • Hibernate
  • Linux System Administration
  • Git (gitlab), SVN
  • Amazon Web Services (EC2, RDS)
  • RESTful Web services
  • RDBMS (Postgresql, SQL)
  • NoSQL (MongoDB, Aerospike)
  • Authentication (OAuth 2.0, JWT)
  • Stripe API
  • SCSS, LESS, Bootstrap, Material-UI
  • Bash Programming


eResrouceScheduler Cloud Application (eRS Cloud)

It is a Cloud based Resource planning, management and scheduling Software written mainly in Java. I was the core member of the team working on this project and was involved in Designing, Development, Testing and Deployment of the application. I was also involved in Recruitment and Training of new developers and Maintenance of servers for this project. It took more than 3 years for us to release its first first version, which was released on May, 2018.

The technologies used in this project are Java8, JavaEE (Servlets, Filters, Intercepters etc.), Restful Services (RESTEasy), AngularJS, npm, bootstrap, Aerospike (NoSQL database), OAuth 2.0, Postgresql, Amazon Web Services (EC2, RDS and S3), Apache Velocity, TestNG with Allure for reporting, Wildfly.

I had worked for nearly 4 years on that project with a team of ~15 members in Enbraun, India. During that period I had worked on different roles. Initially Development (coding) of the project was my core job. Over the time I was involved in Designing structure, Deciding technical standards, and selection of IT tools for the project. I had trained testers Unit Testing of the application with TestNG and REST Assured. I had taken interviews to hire new software developers for this project and later trained them to work on the project.

Later I worked on international payment gateway Stripe, Amazon web services EC2 server maintenance, RDS and S3 infracture setup. I setup git server (Gitlab) for development of eRS Cloud and was responsible for maintenance of the development server. I was extensively involved in setting up of production and testing environment for successful deployment of this eRS Cloud on Amazon Web Servers. Later Code Review of Junior developers and Maintenance of Development and Testing server were other responsibilities under me.

Abho costing sheet

It is a Web application to manage costing of a fashion designing industry Abho. Client, fabric used and their costs, clothes category, labor and their costs, dyeing cost, embroideries, overheads (electricity, internet, etc) could be managed with this application. A precise cost of the piece could be obtained at a particular time and of the costume created afterwards. There is User management module, separate screens (navigation templates) provided and user could be authorized to some or all screens. A team of ~6 members worked on this project for first release which was released on March, 2016.

In this project the File server is provided with servlets, authorization is managed with servlet filters, and oauth2 was used for authorization of Restful Services. My core responsibility in this project was to take design decisions, to mentor other developers and to communicate with client about the requirements. In that project we needed to secure front-end files also (i.e. javascript), because they were containing business logics. Each user can have rights to access particular module, and unauthorised access to front-end files is also restricted.

Technologies used in this project are Java8, JavaEE (Servlets, Filters, Intercepters etc.), Restful Services, AngularJS, Postgresql, Wildfly etc.


This is a web application that can notify or remind user about some task or let him write daily notes. I created that application for myself to write daily like I do in diary. Suppose a user want to get notified every Wednesday to watch a TV serial, or want to get reminded of somebody’s birthday, this could be done by this web application.

A good account management, nice looking notifiers (reminder gadgets), fully featured note writing area, cool self-developed (with jQuery) slider are present in this web application. All the changes done by user will be made on server instantly through ajax. Technologies that are used in this project are PHP, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, tinyMCE, MySQL, Apache Tomcat etc.

CQuiz | Desktop Application

I developed that desktop application to organise a programming quiz competition in Graphic Era University.I developed it during my BTech graduation in 2017. This application had two interfaces, one for admin users and another for normal users (students taking quick competition). Admin user can create questions and review answers submitted by normal users. Normal users can give test, compile there code, and view their submitted data.

The screen of that application id divided into three horizontal resizable panels. First panel contain questions created by admin users, that panel is editable when logged into application as admin user and is non-editable when logged in as normal user. Second panel has editable area for normal user to write answer program for provided questions. Third panel contained tools to compile and check output of written program. Application has a clock showing count down time to normal user, after which they cannot edit their answers i.e. second panel will become non-editable. I needed another application to collect answers from all user's computers. I had written native functions in C language to allow communication between C program and Java program.

Technologies used in this application are Java Swing, SAX (Simple API for XML), JNI (Java Native Interface), C, GCC

Online Banking System | Swiss bank (In industrial training)

Developed it with a team of 4 members in struts2 framework during my industrial training at DIT University organised by HP in 2015. The web application was assumed to be used by bank employees to register user account, register online accounts, to do transactions etc. Then customer can have his own net banking account and they can do transactions himself. This web application was having a Multilanguage (English and Spanish) feature, Password hashich scheme with SHA-256, a security is provided by using proper hashing technique with SHA-256 and a good self-developed captcha feature.

Technologies used in this project are Java7, Struts2, JSPX, Image Processing, I18N jstl, MySQL, oracle weblogic.